Anonymous Student Comments
from Standardized Evaluation Sheets
for This Course


". . . This has been my most enjoyable class this semester.
History was once a very boring topic to me but in this class you placed a different swing to it. I was actually eager to come to each class because I knew that I would leave being more enlightened on world matters. The pictures, slide show, music helped bring the message home. . . . Other history classes were just about memorizing the material but this time I actually understood
it. . . ."


"Before this I HATED history -- now he's got me watching the History Channel & signing up for more of his classes. I can't believe how much I didn't know about history before this class."


"Dr. Reynolds knows EVERYTHING there is to know about this course. I have learned a lot from him and I enjoy his class (even though I dislike history)."


"I really enjoy your humor. It lightens up the class and makes for a better learning environment."


"You learn about history in more depth than dates - how events & people relate/compare to each other. Mr. Reynolds is a great teacher!"


"He gives everything in a completely understandable way."


"He sometimes goes off on tangents in the middle of lecture, but they are usually pretty funny or interesting. . . ."


"He is an excellent teacher and understanding."


"This has been my favorite course and professor this semester."


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