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"Received the DVDs today. They were very well packaged. Thank you. I must say that the DVDs look absolutely beautiful. The artwork on each individual one is really good and when I look at the set it feels like I have an encyclopedia before me as well as a great piece of art. I am very happy and really looking forward to getting World History 102. . . . Once again, thank you for such a wonderful set."

Wendell J.


Dr. Clark G. Reynolds
Resume with major books
World History 101
40 Classes - click here to order DVDs
World History 102
40 Classes - click here to order DVDs
10-DVD Special for $59.95
100 Turbulent Years, 1880s Through the Cold War
Course Testimonials Two-DVD Specials for $12.95
12 of them such as The Romans, Parts One & Two
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The most powerful academic guide since

Strunk and White's classic, The Elements of Style!


ISBN: 978-0-9853632-1-5 (softcover)
ISBN: 978-0-9853632-2-2


Published by Charleston Athenaeum Press

  • First print edition, signed by the author

  • 364 page softcover with 351 numbered topic sections in 10 chapters that are EASY to go through

  • Highly beneficial to high school students as well as college students

  • Scroll down to read the first 21 pages including Contents and Author's Note

  • Scroll down to read the first few pages of each of the 10 chapters

  • Readers will absorb the author's highly effective skills, techniques and NOT-GOING-TO-BE-DENIED attitude

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Gene Kizer was just the kind of college student that professors love a mature one who knows what he is doing. He understands the workings of today's higher education well and gives you chapter and verse on how to succeed in it. But his guide can lead you to something even better and rarer. By following it you stand a good chance of getting a real education.

Clyde N. Wilson

Emeritus Distinguished Professor

University of South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina



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The first 21 pages
including Contents and Author's Note



Start Strong

Be Organized and in Control








Studying Effectively


Preparing for Tests/Exams


Taking Tests/Exams


Papers and Writing




Continue Strong

Winning, and the Philosophy of Success



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World History 101 and 102

80 DVD Set


Anonymous student comments in a 2-1/2 minute video set to music from the course evaluations of students who took the original World History 101 and 102 courses. If our homepage background music is playing, please let it finish (30 secs.) before watching. Thanks!





World History 101 and 102 make up an Outstanding 80 DVD Set filmed over two semesters before an actual college class in one of the oldest and finest liberal arts colleges in America, the College of Charleston (SC), founded in 1770. It features nationally renowned and award-winning author, scholar and history professor, Dr. Clark G. Reynolds. Professor Reynolds is a fascinating lecturer and commanding presence in the classroom. He uses detailed time-lines, slides, music, paintings, maps, demonstrations and documentaries to engage and challenge his students.


World History 101
Prehistory to 1500



Class 1    Introduction
Class 2    Human Nature
Class 3    Agricultural Revolution
Class 4    The Coming of Cities
Class 5    Africa - Part 1
Class 6    Africa - Part 2
Class 7    Mesopotamia - Part 1
Class 8    Mesopotamia - Part 2
Class 9    Egypt - Part 1
Class 10  Egypt - Part 2
Class 11  Eastern Mediterran. - Part 1
Class 12  Eastern Mediterran. - Part 2
Class 13  Hebrews & Persians - Part 1
Class 14  Hebrews & Persians - Part 2
Class 15  The Greeks - Part 1
Class 16  The Greeks - Part 2
Class 17  The Greeks - Part 3
Class 18  Early India - Part 1
Class 19  Early India - Part 2
Class 20  Early China - Part 1
Class 21  Early China - Part 2
Class 22  The Romans - Part 1
Class 23  The Romans - Part 2
Class 24  Christianity - Part 1
Class 25  Christianity - Part 2
Class 26  Islam - Part 1
Class 27  Islam - Part 2
Class 28  People & Contacts
Class 29  The Americas - Part 1
Class 30  The Americas - Part 2
Class 31  India & Southeast Asia
Class 32  Tang & Song China
Class 33  Japan
Class 34  European Early Middle Ages
Class 35  High Middle Ages
Class 36  Mongols & Turks
Class 37  The Non-Western World
Class 38  Italian Renaissance - Part 1
Class 39  Italian Renaissance - Part 2
Class 40  The Iberians


  World History 102
        1500 to 2001


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In addition to teaching college history for over 35 years, Professor Reynolds wrote numerous books and essays on historical subjects and held tenured professorships at three colleges and universities. He was awarded for his teaching excellence, and several of his published works are highly acclaimed and received awards from national organizations. His last appearance on the History Channel was in a special about Admiral William F. "Bull" Halsey, Jr. and World War II in the Pacific. His last book, a 546 page biography entitled, On the Warpath in the Pacific, Admiral Jocko Clark and the Fast Carriers, was published in 2005 to superb reviews.

Professor Reynolds is not politically correct. He's an old school scholar and tells it like it is.

His brilliance in the classroom and vast knowledge, especially of warfare and military strategy throughout time, infuse the entire course with energy and excitement. He speaks fluent German and knows World Wars I and II  inside and out, how they were fought, everything leading up to them, and everything following. Unquestionably, this 80-DVD set is a valuable asset for students and history-lovers, and a pleasurable one as well.


In his own words

"World History is not as daunting as it may seem. The challenge is one of synthesis and essentials. I have treated equally political, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of all major civilizations beginning in prehistory, with attention to geography as well as defense - the latter being the focus of most of my own research and publications. . . . However you do it, know the past!"  -- Clark G. Reynolds


Both World History 101 and 102 are semester-length courses and are ideal for high school students who want to know what college is really like, serious home-schooled students, other college students as an enhancement to their own studies, and adults who want to be introduced to the great cultures, peoples and events of world history.

World History 101 includes 40 classes and covers prehistory to 1500.

World History 102 includes 40 classes and covers
1500 to 2001.

Each DVD contains one class and is 50 minutes long. You can purchase any individual DVD or the entire set with the click of a mouse. We take PayPal and all major credit cards, and will accept checks and Purchase Orders from libraries and schools.

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  100 Turbulent Years

1880s Through the Cold War


THIS GREAT SPECIAL is actually ten DVDs in sequence from
World History 102 -- Classes 27 through 36 -- spanning the late 1800s through the Cold War. It includes the most significant events of the 20th Century such as the Russian Revolution, the Great Depression, the rise of Nazism, World Wars I and II, and the Cold War.

Professor Reynolds speaks fluent German and is exceptional in this time period. Two of his areas of specialization are military history and
World War II.



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List of DVDs

(Video clips and pictures follow)

  Class 27   Imperial Russia & Imperial Japan

Class 28   The New Imperialism

Class 29   Global Cosmopolitanism & Reaction

Class 30   Total War I

Class 31   Russian Revolution

Class 32   Armistice & Depression

Class 33   The New Dictatorships

Class 34   World War II in Europe

Class 35   China, Japan, & the Pacific War

Class 36   The Cold War

Video Clips and DVD Pictures


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100 Turbulent Years

1880s Through the Cold War

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